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How does it works ?

Upload your file

Drag and drop your file into the space provided or download it from your computer by clicking on browse. Our tool can convert almost any file type that supports this process.

  • PDF to Word
  • MP4 to AVI
  • XLSX to CSV

These are just a few examples of the possibilities of our conversion tool.

Choose your file format

The initial format of your file is detected in step 1. This allows us to propose you in this step 2 the available conversion formats. Choose the one you want.

Secure and convert your file

Your file is saved and secured and the conversion starts as soon as the payment is validated. At this stage you receive an email indicating the progress of your conversion. This step is essential, it allows us to better distribute the workload of our server and thus optimise the responsiveness of the website and the server. In most cases, and for small files, you will receive an email at the same time giving you access to download your converted file.

Dowload your file

The final stage of your conversion is the easiest: once the conversion is ready, we send you an email containing a download link. Simply click on this link and you can start downloading your converted file easily and securely.